We are currently shopless!


Unfortunately, a car collided into our beautiful shop at 10, North Albert Street which means we are unable to open in this location again.

However, we had already been planning a move to

number 8, the esplanade, fleetwood. fy7 6dl

We will be opening in November. See you then!

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MARY, TOM & friends is a small independent, local, family-owned, wondrous little gift shop based in the seaside town of Fleetwood, Lancashire.

Our shop is run by Katherine & her mum Anne - known as The Girls. We have been based in Fleetwood since 01st April 2014 (no April Fools here!) when we opened our stall on the wonderful Fleetwood Market. In November 2016, we branched out into our own shop on North Albert Street  in town.

In November 2019, we are re-opening at 

number 8, the esplanade,

Fleetwood, Lancashire. FY7 6DL

We decided to move around to the little row of shops on The Esplanade, after all we live in a sea-side town so where better to work than by the sea!

This has definitely been a good decision as during our last 2wks at the North Albert Street location, a car unfortunately collided into the beautiful vintage windows and forced us into closing this shop earlier than planned!

We stock a variety of gifts from Fleetwood bags and badges to fair-trade fairies to our fabulous Vintage Inspired Signs (which have their own little website). We stock our gorgeous products at a range of differing prices to suit all pockets.

The shop is named after Katherine's grandparents - Mary & Tom.


Mary taught Anne to knit and she in turn taught Katherine.

The creative side of the business comes from her.

Tom had his own fish & chip business on the Fylde Coast many moons ago.

The businessy side of the business comes from him.

Unfortunately, Mary & Tom are no longer with us

but we hope our little shop helps to keep their memory alive.

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