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Vintage Inspired Signs

Create your own personalised signs

We offer a variety of sizes in 20 different colours.

Each sign is hand-crafted for us by a lovely company who use traditional methods, developed over 120years & in some cases using digit dies which are over 80years old. All signs are hand finished, giving them a unique look.

Below is a list of our current sizes & prices*

There is also a guide to the maximum number of digits which can fit onto each line on the sign. These are in brackets e.g. (5,7). Please remember to include spaces when counting your letters, numbers and other characters.

We offer a number of special characters and punctuation

Ampersand  &        Dash  -        Exclamation Mark  !        Question Mark  ?        Full Stop  .

Hashtag          Comma  ,        At sign  @        Apostrophe  '        Percentage  %  (not shown on the picture)

also available are 

Footprint        Horseshoe        Pawprint        Heart        Star

Numbers  0-9  (not shown on the picture)


Our list can be quite daunting to look at as there is so much choice! 

We recommend you use the contact form below to send us a sign enquiry.

Fill out your chosen colours and the text you wish to have on the sign and we'll send you a list of your possible options - it will be a much shorter list!

On rare occasions, when using special characters and punctuation, your text may not fit despite meeting the maximum digit limit. 

The colour, Yorkshire Yellow is known to cause discolouration when used as a text colour against a lighter background. Therefore, we would advise you pick one of the following darker shades as a background -  Crucible Black or Norton Navy.

We will confirm your sign before payment is taken.

*prices correct at time of publishing (01.07.2019) and do not include postage. Prices could change but we will always advise of the full cost before payment is taken

Colours shown may differ slightly due to screen settings.

If you are in any doubt, please ask and we will do our best to send you an image with your particular colour on an existing sign for reference