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Our Brands and Makers

Here at Mary, Tom & friends, we consider ourselves to be devotees to handcrafts and gifts. As such we have an in-house brand collective who design and make exclusively for us and a collection of our favourite handcrafters and gifts.

For those guys and gals that have a web presence, you can click the tell me more button underneath their picture to be taken to their site x

In house brand collective

Knitter and Crocheter extraordinaire!

We love to turn plain 'ol wool into wonderful creations

Lovely stick figures of wonder.

We make perfect gifts for special occasions and can be customised to make it extra special.

Our favourite handcrafts & gifts

Knitting and crocheting by an Opera singer!

Quality hand made dolls clothing and accessories.

1894 Sign Company

We work with the amazing 1984 Sign Company.

Based in Sheffield in that there Yorkshire, they use their 150+ years of experience to make stunning signs which can be placed indoors or outdoors.